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Coyote hunting in Maine is growing in popularity thanks to the ever-

increasing size and numbers of eastern coyotes that call the state home.


Exploring the Coyote's Behavioral Patterns: Gaining Insight into Their Habits

Understanding the coyote's habits, nature, and how they react to

certain factors is the key to a successful hunting experience. Coyotes are

members of the dog family and are now widely spread throughout North

America. They are highly adaptable creatures managing to change their

diets, habits, and social dynamics to survive in almost any environment.

They can sometimes be found in couples, packs, and even alone. Coyotes

have excellent smell, vision, and hearing, which enable them to find food

rapidly and to stay away from danger.

Coyotes are also well-known for their evasiveness, which can help them

get closer to their prey without being seen or heard. The coyotes hunt both

day and night. Their diet consists of mice, rabbits, squirrels, other small

rodents, insects, deer, fruits, and berries of wild plants. The coyote mating

season starts in January and lasts until late March, and has a gestation

period of about two months.


D.N.A. offers a night Coyote Hunting experience here in Northern Maine.

Experience Ultimate Comfort and Success in Coyote Hunting with Our Comprehensive Packages:

Shack Rentals for Optimal Hunting Comfort:

  • Windproof shack with buddy heater ensures warmth during the coldest nights

  • Active bait site with fresh bait attracts Coyotes within shooting range

  • Ideal for hunting throughout the year, even during the winter months

Coyote Season in Maine:

  • Open year-round, offering extended opportunities for hunting

  • Night permit available for $4 during the winter season (December 16, 2023 - August 31, 2024)

  • No bag limit, maximizing your hunting potential

Shack ONLY Rental:

  • $200 per 12 hours for one person

  • Additional $50 to include a second person

  • Includes: Shack, buddy heater, bait site, fresh bait, chairs

  • NOT included: Thermal cameras/optics, weapons, ammunition, transportation, food, lodging, hunting licenses, taxidermy

Coyote Night Hunting:

Dates: December 16, 2023, to August 31, 2024

Coyote Night Hunt All-Inclusive Package:

• $495 per night for up to 2 hunters.

• $2600 per week for up to 2 hunters for a Coyote hunt.

• Semi-guided hunt experience

• Add a Full-time Guide for the hunt: $300 per night.

• Includes: Full use of shack, lodging, food, buddy heater, bait site, fresh bait, chairs, ample parking

• NOT included: Full-time guide, Thermal cameras/optics, Weapons, Ammunition, Transportation, hunting licenses, taxidermy, Gratuities, Predator calls



30% deposit due at time of booking. (Non-Refundable)

Balance due 30 days before the adventure. 


Cancelation Policy:

Deposits are NON-Refundable.

Fall Hunts are NON-Refundable.

Non-Refundable due to adverse weather conditions. (We go out rain or shine.)


• Comfortable cold-weather footwear. 

• Sent blocker hunting gear.

• Comfortable, warm camo clothing. 

• A mixture of layers depending on the weather here in Maine 

• Headlamp/flashlight

• Thermal scope and predator calls

• Backpack

• Extra ammo or arrows & hunting tips

• Hunting License

• Medications

• Spare glasses/contracts if you have them.

• Hat and gloves (weather dependent)

Join Us for an Unforgettable Coyote Hunting Experience that Combines Comfort, Efficiency, and Thrill!

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