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In the diverse realm of hunting, many women have showcased their skills and enthusiasm for the sport. At Dead North Adventures, we've taken note of this trend and are eager to support hunters of all backgrounds.



Dead North Adventures: September 8-14, 2024 Hunting Event

Dates: September 8-14, 2024.
Booking: Secure your spot now with only a $500 deposit.
Payment: Remaining balance of $1,600 is due 30 days prior to the hunt date.
Special Offer:

  • Add a trap package for just $800.

  • Opportunity to target two Maine black bears.

  • Elevate your hunting experience in Maine's prime wilderness.


A 30% Deposit at the time of booking to guarantee your reservation. (NON-REFUNDABLE) Balance due 30 days before the hunt. ALL HUNTS Cancellation Policy:

Reservation Deposits made are NON-REFUNDABLE Fall Hunts and accommodations are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Embark on an Exclusive Bear-Hunting Experience with Dead North Adventures

Dive into an unparalleled bear-hunting expedition exclusively curated for women and hosted at the serene Rustic Retreat Lodge. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or just starting out, this adventure is tailored for all.

Kick off your journey beside our majestic two-story River Rock fireplace with a heartwarming meet and greet, accompanied by delightful wine and snacks. Our accomplished female guides will regale you with their exhilarating hunting tales and eagerly await to hear your own stories.

Brace yourself for a challenge - hunting the Maine Black Bear is no walk in the park. Yet, it's a testament to your spirit and determination. Regardless of your experience level, our expert female guides are by your side, providing guidance, support, and camaraderie. After your harvest, they'll be right there with you, guiding you in tracking and meticulously explaining the care process. Together, retrieving your game from the dense North Maine Woods will be a collective triumph.

As a proud female outfitter owner and your dedicated Maine Registered Guide, I vouch for this experience's uniqueness and empowerment. So, are you ready for an adventure like no other? We're certain you won't find a similar opportunity elsewhere, and we're eager to welcome you into our hunting community!

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